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Top 4 Red Flags In Solar Panel Contracts

1. Unfair And Deceptive Contract Terms

Solar power companies can rip off consumers in a number of different ways, with many of the scams based on the solar purchase contract. The purchase and finance contracts for most solar power systems are at least 40 pages, making it easy to hide unfair and deceptive terms.

2. Electronic Contracts

Door to door solar sales representatives usually have the solar contract only on an electronic tablet. When the tablet is controlled by the salesperson and not by the consumer, the consumer has no way to scroll to see all the harmful contract provisions.

3. Forging Signatures

Some solar power companies even forge the consumers’ names on the tablet or take one electronic signature and apply it to all parts of the agreement without showing the full contract.

Companies also tend to employ another trick – sending the contract to the consumer’s cell phone for review. There is simply no way that anyone can review and understand a 40 page contract on a cell phone.

4. Empty Promises

Solar power systems are often purchased based on promises by sales representatives, like huge savings on electric bills and thousands of dollars in tax rebates. Despite those promises, electric bills often stay the same or only go down a small amount. And the huge tax rebate never comes or take years to receive.

Even though the purchase was made on promises that the solar companies know are not true, the solar companies argue they are protected from liability. The contracts often contain buried terms that claim that the purchaser cannot rely on any promises made by the sales representative.

Your Options As A Consumer Victimized By Solar Panel Fraud

In many states, consumers can cancel contracts within 3 days of signing if it involved a sales representative visiting the home. If you sign a contract and change your mind within the 3 day period, call or email the solar company immediately to cancel, follow up with a letter, and keep a copy of that letter. Some solar contracts have specific pages that you can print out to return to cancel the contract. 

Seeking Legal Help

If your state’s three day cancellation period has passed, you still have options. State and federal laws protect consumers from solar panel company frauds, such as forgery, selling systems that do not work at all or barely work, preventing consumers from seeing the entire contract at signing, and lying about rebates.

Reach Out Today

If you believe you were ripped off by a solar power company, contact Roseman Law Firm, to see if you can recover money damages or even rescind your solar power contract. Attorney Christina Gill Roseman has helped those in similar circumstances. Let her fight for your rights.

Call 800-745-5259 or send an email. Free consultations provided. Serving consumers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. 

Don’t believe a solar or finance company if they tell you there is nothing you can do because you signed the contract. You have options!