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Problems With Dealership Financing

When it comes to buying a car, financing issues can cost you extra money or even result in a repossession. If you believe the dealership is at fault for financing falling through or terms of the deal changing, you may have grounds for taking action.

From our offices in Pittsburgh and Morgantown, attorney Christina Gill Roseman takes financing problems and dealer fraud cases seriously. She is highly skilled at investigating a dealership’s improper actions involving financing, including the following suspicious but common scenarios:

  • The dealership takes the car back because financing fell through after the buyer was previously told that financing was approved.
  • The dealership threatens repossession if the buyer does not agree to new financing terms after approval.
  • The dealership says a buyer lied about his or her income, but it was the salesperson falsifying information.
  • The dealership wants you to voluntarily surrender the car for repossession, saying it couldn’t get your financing.

Always keep your original paperwork so you have proof of the transaction and what the dealership provided at the time of sale.

Have You Been Told To Come Back To The Dealership To Sign New Paperwork?

If at any point following a car purchase you are told to return the car to the dealership or come back with more money, call a lawyer immediately. You should be highly suspicious of this type of situation, and your first move should be to protect yourself.

Get Answers To Your Questions

Call 1-800-745-5259 or contact us online to begin the process. Attorney Roseman can provide you with information and insight that will help you understand your rights in dealership financing issues and potential fraud matters. We offer free legal help for consumers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan.