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Vehicle Repossession

Individuals who lose access to their vehicle often also lose their ability to get to work, drive their kids to school or activities, or go to the grocery store. Having a vehicle is not considered a luxury for many people, but a necessity.

Sadly, far too many dealerships and lenders are willing to take advantage of borrowers who desperately need a car to survive. Lenders and dealerships often push the boundaries of banking and consumer protection laws. And when they cross the line, they deserve to be held accountable under the law for their actions.

Experienced Legal Help

At Roseman Law Firm, attorney Christina Gill Roseman works with car owners who have had their vehicles repossessed by a lender or car dealership. She has earned a stellar reputation for her ability to protect individuals and families from unfair and improper practices.

Were The Rules Followed When Your Car Was Repossessed?

Lenders and car dealerships with a security interest can repossess a vehicle when the borrower is in default. However, there are strict requirements they must follow under the law. For instance, while a lender or car dealership can repossess a vehicle without prior notice in many states, they are not permitted to breach the peace or violate your rights by:

  • Continuing to take away your vehicle after you object
  • Threatening you with force or physical harm
  • Accessing a closed garage or damaging property to take a vehicle

In addition, once a vehicle has been repossessed, you must receive specific notice from the lender or dealership about when the vehicle will be sold, your ability to redeem and recovery of your personal items.

Your Rights

If you are behind on your payments or in default, that does not give the lender or dealership the right to harm you or your property. If these actions have occurred, such evidence can be used to defend you if a bank or lender attempts to bring a deficiency suit against you for the balance of your loan.

If the lender or dealership has harmed you or your property or failed to provide notice of when your vehicle will be sold, how you can get the vehicle back or how to recover your personal items in the vehicle, you may be entitled to have the remaining loan balance waived and/or financial compensation under state laws.

Let A Proven Legal Advocate Help

Attorney Christina Gill Roseman has extensive experience protecting the rights of consumers.

If you believe a lender or dealership may have acted unlawfully in repossessing your vehicle, Christina Gill Roseman can help you identify your rights and determine possible legal options.

Call 1-800-745-5259 or email Roseman Law Firm to inquire about a free initial consultation. Serving consumers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.