Were You Sold a Lemon?

Let Attorney Christina Gill Roseman at Roseman Law Firm help with your Lemon car. If your car has been in the shop three times or for more than 30 days for the same problem, you may be entitled to a new car, refund of all your money paid, or you could receive cash and still keep your car. Many cases are settled before ever going to court, so there is no reason to put up with your bad car. For help with your Lemon car, call 800-745-5259.

No Out-of-Pocket Fees for Lemon Law Cases

Under the Lemon Law and other warranty laws, the manufacturer pays your attorneys' fees and costs. You pay nothing out of your pocket for attorneys' fees or costs, regardless of whether you win or lose, so there is no risk. Don't let the manufacturers ignore the problems with your car or offer you less than what you deserve. Get the legal help you need under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, the West Virginia Lemon Law, the Ohio Lemon Law and the Michigan Lemon Law for free.

Thousands of Lemon Law and Auto Dealer Fraud Cases Settled

Don't go up against the huge car companies alone. Make it a fair fight with cost-free representation from a tough trial lawyer with years of experience against the car companies. Not only has Attorney Christina Gill Roseman settled thousands of cases for consumers, but she has also beaten Chrysler, GM, Kia and Hyundai at trials and was selected by her fellow attorneys to the 2014, 2016 and 2017 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list. She is also the West Virginia State Chair for the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Did the Problems With Your Lemon Car Start After the First Year?

What if the problems with your car started after the first year or you bought a used car? If the manufacturer failed to fix your defective car under the warranty, you still may be entitled to cash compensation and keep your car. Even if you purchased your car with higher mileage but it was covered by the manufacturer's certified preowned warranty, you are still protected by warranty laws and can get cost-free Lemon Law or auto dealer fraud help in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan for your defective car.