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Dealer Fraud And Unfair Trade Practices

Far too many car dealerships take unfair advantage of car buyers through deceptive tactics such as hiding accident damage, failing to disclose engine problems or misrepresenting finance terms. When a dealership provides false information during a sale or deliberately conceals a serious problem with a car, that dealership has committed fraud and/or an unfair trade practice. Attorney Christina Gill Roseman has forced dealerships to take back unsafe vehicles and refund the entire purchase price to the buyer, and she has obtained substantial amounts of money for car buyers who were ripped off due to fraud or unfair trade practices.

Types Of Dealer Fraud

Fraud and unfair trade practices in the sale of cars can occur in many ways, including:

  • Failing to disclose frame damage
  • Failing to disclose that a vehicle cannot pass state inspection
  • Failing to disclose that an engine, transmission or differential requires replacement
  • Failing to disclose a rolled-back odometer
  • Failing to disclose flood damage
  • Failing to disclose damage on a new vehicle
  • Taking a car back because financing fell through after previously telling
    the buyer that financing was approved
  • Threatening repossession if a buyer does not agree to new financing terms
    after approval
  • Selling a wrecked vehicle as certified preowned
  • Failing to properly identify or title a vehicle as salvage

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If you think that a dealership may have committed fraud or an unfair trade practice when you bought your car, contact attorney Christina Gill Roseman for a free consultation. Even if your vehicle was sold to you as-is, you may still have a case. An as-is clause is not a defense against fraud or unfair trade practices. Don’t let car dealerships continue to cheat consumers by selling unsafe or misrepresented vehicles. Contact Roseman Law Firm now or call toll-free at 1-800-745-5259 today.