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Defective And Unsafe Certified Preowned Cars

When buying a used car, many people choose to spend the extra money for a vehicle that is certified preowned. This certification is supposed to offer peace of mind and mean that your used car passed a series of vigorous inspections. Unfortunately, these inspections often fall short. Instead of actually evaluating a vehicle, dealerships just “check the box” claiming a car passed certification tests — and then increase the price tag by thousands of dollars. This means too often car buyers end up purchasing used cars — at a premium — that should never have been certified.

If you were sold a certified preowned car that was previously in an accident or damaged, or has needed repeated or substantial repairs, contact Roseman Law Firm. Attorney Christina Gill Roseman has a long track record of protecting consumers against deceptive and fraudulent car dealers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Michigan. She will fight to get you the compensation you deserve — and hold unscrupulous dealerships liable for their deceptive and illegal acts.

Signs Your Certified Preowned Vehicle Should Not Have Been Certified

To become certified, used cars are supposed to pass a serious of exacting inspections, involving over 100 checks. However, a sticker saying your car is certified preowned is no guarantee that it doesn’t have substantial issues. Signs that a vehicle was not actually put through the inspection process include:

  • Transmission issues
  • Engine failure
  • Water leaks
  • Evidence of odometer tampering
  • Involvement in a prior accident
  • Damage to the frame
  • Issues with other major components of the car

If you purchased a certified preowned car that has substantial issues, you have rights. If your car was improperly certified when it did not meet the requirements for certification, you are entitled to compensation.

Don’t Put Up With A Bad Certified Preowned Car — Know Your Rights

Car dealerships and manufacturers will fight your claims as hard as they can and will hire experienced lawyers to help them do so. You need an attorney on your side — one with the tenacity, experience and skill needed to fight to protect your rights. For a free consultation, call 1-800-745-5259 or contact Roseman Law Firm, online.