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Frame-Damaged Vehicles

Many parts of a vehicle that are damaged in an accident, such as a bumper or a quarter panel, can be replaced without affecting the safety of a vehicle. Damage to frame components, or structural components on a unibody vehicle, however, is a much more serious situation. It is often difficult or impossible to correctly repair damaged frame components without severely compromising the ability of the vehicle to withstand a crash. Unrepaired or improperly repaired frame-damaged vehicles are not safe, yet dealerships often sell them without informing the car buyer. Not only is the buyer of a frame-damaged vehicle at increased risk in an accident, but that car will be worth far less than an undamaged vehicle when it comes time to sell or trade.

At Roseman Law Firm, PLLC, in Pittsburgh, attorney Christina Gill Roseman tirelessly pursues justice and compensation for individuals who have purchased frame-damaged vehicles from dealers that were committing fraud. Ms. Roseman can take action against the dealership on your behalf to ensure that the right steps are taken.

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