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Were You The Victim Of Odometer Fraud?

Odometer fraud is illegal. But that doesn’t mean car dealers don’t do it. Far too many car buyers have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous and deceptive car dealers who will do anything to maximize their profits — including rolling back odometers or not telling you when they know that the odometer has been rolled back.

If you’ve been ripped off by a car dealer who rolled back your car’s odometer so they could charge you more money, contact Attorney Christina Gill Roseman. Call 1-800-745-5259 for a free consultation.

Federal And State Laws Prohibit Odometer Tampering

The Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act, also referred to as the Odometer Act, makes it illegal for car dealers to tamper with odometers, sell odometer fraud devices or operate a vehicle knowing the odometer is not functioning. In addition, the law requires dealers to disclose the odometer reading and state whether or not the reading is accurate. If a vehicle repair results in a change in the odometer reading, certain procedures must be followed.

If you were defrauded by a dealer who tampered with or rolled back your car’s odometer, or failed to disclose the fact that the odometer reading was incorrect, you may be able to recover three times your actual damages or $10,000 — whichever is greater — and have your attorneys fees and legal costs covered. States also have separate laws on odometer tampering that may give you more rights.

How Do I Know If My Odometer Was Tampered With?

Most people do not realize their odometer has been tampered with until they try to sell it. The dealership will check the vehicle history report and discover a discrepancy between odometer readings. Mechanics may also be able to tell if an odometer has been rolled back. If your car has a lot of wear and tear but low mileage, if screws are missing from the dashboard area around the odometer, or if parts are needing to be replaced that would normally last longer, you may be the victim of odometer fraud.

Get Legal Help Now. No Fees Out Of Your Pocket

If you were the victim of odometer fraud, contact Roseman Law Firm. Hiring a lawyer will cost you nothing. Attorney Roseman offers free consultations, and there are no upfront fees. In fact, the dealer will have to pay your attorneys fees and court costs. To get started, call 1-800-745-5259.