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Researching recalls? There’s an app for that.

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2020 | Auto Recalls |

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 25 percent of vehicles on the road are under some type of recall that goes unnoticed by drivers and, in many cases, goes unrepaired.

Keeping track of open recalls is challenging for any motor vehicle owner. Major notifications, such as the one involving Takata airbags, receive the lion’s share of attention within the automotive industry. Smaller issues do not garner that level of attention and are often overlooked or forgotten unless car owners habitually read motor vehicle publications and often visit websites.

Cutting-edge technology fast-tracks recall notifications

In response to the need to communicate recalls faster and to a broader audience, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is providing an easy way for owners to identify any current defects in their vehicles.

Simply put, the NHTSA has an app for that.

SaferCar provides much-needed recall tracking for consumers. The app informs them about any outstanding issues with their vehicles. After downloading, users create their own “virtual garage” by entering either the VINs or the makes, models, and years of their cars, trucks, trailers, and even motor scooters.

When a recall is issued on anything saved to the computerized system, an alert sounds immediately. Much-needed information is provided to the vehicle owner that includes a summary of the recall, the potential risks, and ways to resolve the problem.

Additional features of SaferCar include:

  • A “two-way street” where drivers can report issues with their vehicle directly to the NHTSA
  • Confidence in purchasing a vehicle by using the app to check for open to ensure the resolution of any potential issues
  • Convenience that comes with researching parts when repairing or modifying a vehicle

With any app, patience is paramount as early versions will likely have their share of bugs. Still, the value of the open lines of communication can help to keep drivers both informed and safe.

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