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Tesla’s Model Y widely reported to have defects

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Motor Vehicle News |

For those who keep up with Elon Musk’s Tesla line of electric vehicles, the hype isn’t always up to speed with performance. While the most recent Model Y version of the company’s line of cars was expected to outperform the previous Model 3, many outlets reported problems.

None of the defects impact the actual performance of the car itself, and some are cosmetic, but a few could present potential safety concerns.

The reported issues include:

  • Paint and trim issues
  • Indentations in the seats
  • Loose seatbelts
  • A detached rear seat

The cosmetic or comfort issues, such as those with the pain or undesirable seat indentations, are simply signs of poor manufacturing. They could lead to quicker degradation of the car over time, which could in turn create unsafe driving conditions. However, most concerning are the loose seatbelts and rear seats that many of the vehicle’s buyers are reporting are not attached to the floorboards.

The trouble with the defects

The dangers this presents are extensive. For one, in a wreck, loose seatbelts would not properly serve to protect a person. Even more frighteningly, a detached seat could come loose on impact and propel someone through a windshield or into another part of the vehicle.

The cosmetic issues are also frustrating for buyers, considering the high price point of the vehicles.

Tesla’s vehicles arrive to their new owners in this condition, indicating that the vehicles need much more extensive repairs after exiting the manufacturing plant than consumers expect to be burdened with. For a vehicle selling at such a premium price, along with high stock market performance, safety and quality control should be the top priority.

For now, at least one class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada over Tesla’s flawed vehicle conditions.

Musk has indicated there are manufacturing issues happening in need of “rectifications,” a term suggesting a problematic manufacturing process in need of an overhaul. Hopefully, for Tesla enthusiasts, the company will step up and start to give them the futuristic cars they expect.


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