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Ford expands list of previous recall

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Auto Recalls |

Many drivers are aware of a recent trend of nationwide vehicle recalls. It seems that as cars continue to add more technical features and amenities, the greater chance of a recall.

However, how do you know everything is working correctly? Staying up to date on vehicle recall news can be important for many drivers in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

A recent recall comes from American auto manufacturer Ford, expanding on a recall issued earlier this month.

The impacted Ford vehicles

The latest list expands on a previous recall. The automaker is now recalling roughly 100,000 hybrid vehicles after many reportedly caught fire, even while parked and not running. The recalls stem from complications with the 2.5-liter hybrid or plug-in hybrid engine. During engine failure, too much oil and fuel vapor can be exposed to ignition sources and start a fire under the hood.

This safety issue is affecting the following Ford vehicles:

  • 2020-22 Ford Escape
  • 2020-22 Ford Maverick
  • 2020-22 Lincoln Corsair

Additionally, Ford is expanding upon a previous recall of the 2021 Ford Expedition and 2021 Lincoln Navigator SUVs. Ford recalled 39,000 of the vehicles in May, but after additional engine fires, the automaker has added 27,000 more.

Ford also indicated that replacement parts necessary could be delayed until September 2022.

The manufacturer currently leads all U.S. automakers in recalls this year, totaling 6.7 million automobiles.

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