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Did Audi Willfully Ignore a Dangerous Defect?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Auto Recalls |

A system that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption in a motor vehicle represent a significant step in the environmental protection cause. Countless customers, particularly those concerned about climate change, would likely take a look at these cars and consider purchasing them.

However, for everyone that bought an Audi featuring a Start-Stop system, the cutting-edge technology created dangers for drivers, passengers, and anyone else sharing the road. The feature shuts down the engine at traffic lights and during some stop-and-go driving scenarios. Once activated by the brake, an indicator light shows that the system is active. Upon releasing the brake pedal, the engine restarts.

Dangers For Drivers and Passengers

A recent class-action lawsuit against Audi tells a different story. The Start-Stop system allegedly delays acceleration, steering, and braking when a driver wants to make forward progress, only to speed up suddenly. In addition, the engine purportedly shuts off before the car comes to a complete stop, making driving difficult with inoperable brakes and a heavy pedal.

The suit is not the first class-action against Audi regarding the issues with Start-Stop. A 2017 legal action involved systems not restarting due to drivers removing their seat belts. The suit was dismissed.

Calls by customers to Audi to request repairs or replacement systems supposedly landed on deaf ears. Simply put, the company apparently refused to take action or honor warranties, claiming that customers were confused as to what was the normal operation of the car versus systems being faulty.

Those who were able to talk to dealership mechanics were told that no problem existed, and that time was needed for the car to learn a driver’s specific driving pattern.

Perhaps Audi needs an education in its own patterns when it comes to litigation.


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