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Over 33,000 Volkswagen Golfs Subject to Recall for Rollaway Risk

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Auto Recalls |

Volkswagen recently announced a recall concerning a potentially dangerous defect. In this most recent of many motor vehicle recalls, it has been determined that some of the newer Golf models have the potential to roll away on their own. 

Certain 2015-2018 Golf vehicles have experienced silicate buildup on the shift lever contacts. When this happens, the driver’s ignition key can be removed without the vehicle’s gear shift being placed in “park.” If the key is removed under these conditions, it is possible that the vehicle can begin to roll thus causing a safety concern. In fact, the vehicle could begin to roll without anyone even in the car; therefore, no one would be available to stop it before it collided with something or someone.

Approximately 33,000 North American vehicles are affected by this recall. The recall problem does not involve push button ignition models. Volkswagen has stated that it will soon begin notifying registered owners and installing equipment to correct the problem.

To find out if your VW is one of the recalled models, go to safercar.gov and enter in your Vehicle Identification Number.  If your vehicle has been recalled, get to a VW dealership as soon as the recall parts are available.  Until the recall repair can be performed, owners of affected vehicles should use the parking brake every time the vehicle is parked, even on a flat surface.  If damage or an injury occurs prior to the availability of the recall repair, it may be necessary to seek a legal remedy.

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