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How safe is your electric vehicle?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Motor Vehicle News |

Many consider electric vehicles, or EVs, the future of automobiles. For people concerned about climate change and those looking to be on the cutting edge of technology, cars like the Tesla have an inescapable draw. These cars, while alluring, may contain a hidden danger that could give many drivers pause.

While the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, the underlying technology is not as widely understood as traditional vehicles. The basics of internal combustion engines are simple for most to grasp because it has real moving parts that you can see up close. Electrical vehicles, however, rely on lithium ion batteries, much like your smart phone, and there are concerns about what will happen if they catch fire.

New technology, new problems

Much in the same way most grasp how a car’s motor works, the standard methods for putting out a gasoline fire are well-known. Firefighters have been training for these situations for many decades and contain these fires routinely. If a lithium ion battery, such as in a Tesla, were to catch fire, it would need specialized containment procedures that require equipment and training that many fire departments lack.

Lithium ion battery fires do happen. Producers of these products may feel unfairly targeted but millions use their products in close proximity to their bodies. If a smart phone ignites you might get a bad burn on the part of your body touching the phone. With a car, the inherent problems become magnified by both size and severity of the flames. This leads to a greater risk to the passengers of the car.

Some batteries are hard to change

A way to store energy at a high capacity is integral to electric vehicle viability. That does not change the responsibility of battery builders and auto manufacturers to ensure that drivers and passengers are safe. To understand more about EV battery safety risks and your options speak to your car dealer or a lemon law attorney with an expansive knowledge of your rights.

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