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Pennsylvania Lemon Car? Get Repairs Done in PA in First Year and 12,000 Miles

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2015 | Lemon Law |

Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, it is important not only where you bought your car but also where you get it repaired under warranty. For the purchase, a vehicle must have either been purchased new in PA or purchased new in another state and registered for the first time in PA. This is a fairly straightforward requirement of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law.

What is not as straightforward or as well-known even by attorneys is the requirement for where the vehicle has to be repaired. A vehicle must be presented to the manufacturer’s dealership for repair in Pennsylvania. While a new car warranty is good at any of the manufacturer’s repair shops, a repair attempt must take place in Pennsylvania before the end of the warranty under the PA Lemon Law. While the Lemon Law is not clear on whether that repair attempt under warranty in Pennsylvania has to be within the first year and 12,000 miles, the safest course when you think you might have a Lemon car is to get at least one repair attempt under warranty at a dealership in PA.

While most PA residents have their cars repaired in PA, there are many towns near the borders where the most convenient or even closest dealership is not located in Pennsylvania. It is fine to go outside the Commonwealth for repairs but if you think a potential Lemon problem is developing with your vehicle, you should get at least one repair attempt performed under warranty in Pennsylvania during the first year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

For more information on the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and to see if your car is a Lemon, contact Attorney Christina Gill Roseman at 1-800-745-5259 to find out your rights for free.

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