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Ohio Dealer Ordered To Refund WV Buyer's Money For Frame Damaged Car

lemon_blog2.jpgA Court in Summit County, Ohio recently ordered an Ohio car dealership to refund the entire purchase price for a car sold with frame damage to my client from West Virginia. The dealership sold a 2009 Nissan Murano for over $15,000. When my client tried to trade the car to another dealership months later, he was given a car history report that listed frame damage.

Learn About Your Options for the Ford Transmission Class Action Settlement


Many Ford owners recently received notices for class action settlement for 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus vehicles with a dual clutch automatic transmission. The clutches in these vehicles have been known to be faulty for years. Ford previously extended the warranty coverage on certain transmission parts but still does not have a permanent or effective repair.

Understanding the New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rule on Arbitration and Class Actions

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau just adopted a new rule affecting class action clauses and mandatory arbitration. The new rule prohibits class action bans in arbitration clauses by financial service firms in consumer contracts and requires reporting of results of individual arbitrations. Arbitration and class action bans appear in most consumer contracts for services such as credit cards, banking, car loans, internet providers and cell phones but most consumers do not realize the impact or even the existence of these clauses in contracts.

Motorcycles Could Soon Be Covered By Pennsylvania Lemon Law

You've heard of lemon cars. But what about lemon motorcycles? Traditionally, only cars and trucks have been covered under Pennsylvania Lemon Law. But that may be changing, if Pennsylvania House Bill 74 continues to gain support. The Pennsylvania House Consumer Affairs Committee approved the bill on June 12. The bill will now go for consideration in front of the full House.

About the bill

Don't Get Cheated on Your West Virginia Lemon Law Buyback

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for WVlemoncalculationphoto.jpgFor a vehicle repurchase under the West Virginia Lemon Law, you should get back everything you are entitled to under the law. The problem is that it is not easy to tell what you should get back without an attorney, and manufacturers take advantage of that. While the Lemon Law says generally what is to be refunded, it does not provide an exact calculation.

Is Your 2017 Ford Focus Not Starting? You are Not Alone.

ignition switch.jpgThe ignition on a number of 2017 Ford Focus vehicles are not starting. This is an intermittent problem that seems to begin around 4000 or 5000 miles on the odometer. These vehicles have failed to start even with all lights and electronic components shut off, while stored in a garage and when not in subjected to extremely cold temperatures. No fix for this issue has been found by Ford yet.

The Differences Between Salvage and Reconstructed Title

When a car becomes damaged to a point that the repair costs exceed a certain portion of the car's value, the car is considered a "total loss." The exact ratio of repair cost to vehicle value that is considered to be a total loss varies from state to state, but is generally at least 70%. When a vehicle is a total loss, the insurance company normally takes title to the vehicle and can sell it with a salvage title for a licensed body shop to rebuild.

Recall For Fires in 2008-2009 KIA Sportage--What The Recall Doesn't Tell You

Kia recently announced a recall for 2008 and 2009 Kia Sportage vehicles for a risk of fire. The electronic control unit for the hydraulic fluid module can overheat and cause a fire. The recall notice advises owners to park the car outside but doesn't say why. I currently represent an owner of one of these vehicles in a lawsuit filed before the recall was announced. In my case and in several other reports of fires in 2008 and 2009 Sportages, the cars caught fire after they were turned off. My understanding is that a module can continue to run after the car is shut off and hydraulic fluid leaking on that module starts a fire.

What to Look for When Choosing a West Virginia Lemon Law Attorney

With all the advertising on the internet, it can be somewhat confusing to decide which attorney to hire for your West Virginia Lemon Law case. Some firms and attorneys are good and some are not. Here are some pointers on how to make sure that the attorney you hire for your Lemon Law case in West Virginia has the skills to fight for your rights throughout the entire legal process.


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